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Annual Events
Preakness Crab Derby
It's post time at Lexington Market! Join us in mid-May for the most hilarious of Preakness Events. Cheer for your favorite local celebrity as they actually jockey blue crabs to the finish line. No crab mallets allowed! Using spray bottles and long sticks with balls attached with string, celebrities race on their hands and knees to finish first. It's absolutely ridiculous! The winner takes home a "purse" of $500 to the charity of choice. Don't miss the
brightest jewel in racing's quadruple crown!
Lunch with the Elephants
Join us for one of Baltimore's most wonderful traditions, "Lunch With the Elephants." Follow Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey's mighty pachyderms from the Baltimore Arena, up Eutaw Street to Lexington Market's South Parking Lot. The astounding elephants are greeted by thousands of adoring fans, live music and authentic circus clowns. Once the elephants arrive, they are treated to the world's largest stand up vegetarian buffet. They dine on 1100 oranges, 1000 apples, 500 heads of lettuce, 700 bananas, 400 pears and 500 carrots. Baltimore is the only city in the country to host this event on a yearly basis. It's just not Spring until the elephants come to Lexington Market.
Black History Celebration
During the month of February, Lexington Market celebrates Black History every day in many ways. Talented children from the Baltimore City Schools perform narrated skits, music, songs, and dance based on African, Caribbean, Jazz, Blues, Gospel, or Big Band Swing/Jazz themes. There will be displays, performances and hands on activities that depict the rich African culture.
Travis Winkey's Fashion Extravaganza
Travis Winkey is a guru among fashion entrepreneurs in America. Travis has promoted more African American designers and models than any other fashion producer in Black America.  Just a few of the greats who have honored, followed, and supported him over the decades are:  Mario Van Peebles, Susan Taylor, Sugar Ray Leonard, Jada Pinkett-Smith, and The Greatest - Muhammad Ali. Lexington Market proudly hosts 'The Travis Winkey Fashion Show' every year in early December. Remember to check back for date and time details.
December/Holiday Celebrations

During the month of December, talented children from the
Baltimore City Schools perform narrated skits, music, and
dance to celebrate Christmas and enliven the holiday
season with their youthful energy.  Many come in
colorfully appropriate attire in addition to their school
uniforms, setting a joyful mood for spectators and
Health Fair/Get Fit Events
Several Health Fairs are conducted throughout the year as Lexington Market collaborates with University of Maryland Medical System, the Baltimore City Health Department and local health care centers or advocates. Screenings for Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Glucose levels, Vision and Glaucoma, Skin Damage, Bone Density and MORE are provided for Lexington Market customers. Health care education on Diabetes and other issues are also offered.  Get Fresh/Get Fit Events, sponsored by the Baltimore City Food Policy Initiative, often feature Zumba and other exercise, plus creative Food Art activities.  Get Fresh/Get Fit is a strategy to increase public availability of affordable healthy foods through the public market system in Baltimore.